World Cup 2014

It has been an interesting and evolving year and as we are in the beginning of the process for building this project we do feel that we would like to reboot and develop the concept of the Lindy hop World Cup. Our heart and motivation with this project is with the spirit of Lindy Hop and the extra spark that competitionscan help achieve for dancers both old and new as well as young and adult

For the futureWe would like to focus on supporting the developing of competitors and competitions on a more local scale that would inspire more people to start dancing Lindy Hop.

We are looking to find interested organizers who will get funding resources for youth- and competition development in a local scene.

We would like to thank everyone who supported the World Cup 2014, the dancers, events organizers and the Swedish Dancesport Federation for sponsoring the whole project.

We will now work through the new concept and prepare for coming back in 2016. More information of the details of our process will be out soon…

Yours sincerely,

Mattias Lundmark, Pontus Persson, Kenneth Norbelie and Johanna Johansson